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Kerala House Construction:Free Consultation,18/6/2015

Queries for free consultation on Kerala House construction, Kerala Architecture may be sent to

and not by posting in blogs as your reply will be delayed quite long

Building Construction


I have contacted an Engineer. He advised me to dig well upto the level of mother soil/ the layer which has sand and then fill the same with white sand. He also advised that under no circumstances the digging of wells can be terminated at a layer which contains filled up soil/ fly ash. He told that this process is called ‘Well Foundation' (with white sand filling) and it will increase the bearing capacity of soil. 

My question is- Whether this ‘Well Foundation’ is sufficient for G+1 building Further, If I want to construct one more Floor (i.e. G+2), whether I can do so or not?


My reply

What is suggested to you by a so called Engineer is not professional method of doing it

First you have to have an Architectural plan of the building. Second if the soil is not stable, you have to conduct soil test as required by a structural consultant (someone who has done graduation in civil engineering and post-graduation in structural engineering) He will give you a foundation design and structural design for the building later

Digging soil and putting well is only a crude method used by nonprofessional contractors. If you want I can visit site, study site conditions, prepare Architectural plan of building and arrange for work till completion of house in a professional manner


Do you know any professional team available at Calicut to do the paperwork and
all procedures of regularisation of unauthorised building?
Also one doubt, when do corporation issue the corporation number to
each room of a building? Is it after inspection and submitting
completion certificate?


My reply

I do not recommend any one for any type of work as I can be responsible only for my work

Only after completion plan is submitted signed by owner of building and licensed Engineer/Architect, corporation will initiate steps for building no. Building no is given for each dwelling unit and not to each room


We would like to build a house in Kottayam. 35 cent plot We managed to get a floor plan of our choice  . Can you pleases assist us with an appropriate elevation?

Can you please advise the construction cost per sft ?


My reply

Floor plan of the house is not something to be managed. That is the most important most critical drawing

Send me your floor plan as pdf attachment. I can check on it

Elevation can be good only if Architectural plan is designed in a manner to get good Elevation

To my knowledge no professional body or even government has fixed a particular square feet cost of construction anywhere in the world

Nonprofessional contractor talk of a square feet cost simply to canvass business. After getting the customer in their grip, they will also forget about it


I am a regular reader of your posts and am very impressed with your common sense and simplified explanation of issues in house construction.

I have some queries:

1. My plot is 12 meter by 15 meter with the front of planned house being on the 12 meter west facing side. I have an old pond in the front of the plot and would like to persist with that. The distance of the pond from the house is not very far. Will this affect my house structure?

2. Is solar electricity viable in central Kerala?

3. A very generic question, what is sustainable construction in Kerala's context? Your advise would be highly helpful.


My reply

You can have a pond in the front side. But you will have to take professional advice to keep it safe for the building. Only after a site visit, I can comment on it.

Solar Electricity can be used for the house. It is available. But initial investment will be little bit high

A house designed and built with professional design and close professional supervision can last longer than a house built by a nonprofessional contractor 


I'm planning a Villa project at the outskirts of Ernakulam city.

Please help me with cost of construction and allied cost for a villa project in 1 acres of land


My reply

Planning a villa construction cannot be done simply based on a guess cost given by me or anybody else. At first, I have to visit the plot, study site conditions, design typical villa considering type of clientele you expect

So it requires a systematic professional approach and not just bits of information you may get from different sources


I am Anita from Palakkad. We have got a rectangular plot, we are planning to build a single floor, 1bhk, of sft of 1300.I would like to construct it very urgently. I would like to know what would be the approximate the cost of basement for this. Also if you could tell me how much approximately would be the total cost of full construction of the house. I can spend around 20 lacs for is this enough or when i start the people will ask for more money?

My reply

One bed room house need not be 1300 sft. It can be from 300 sft to 800 sft in plinth area. I have designed and built in both plinth areas in single floor.Rs.20 lakhs is good enough budget

We can design the house for you and guide you on construction

Remodeling and renovation of existing house


I am Reena.  I have seen your advertisement about renovation of houses....etc.  Please let me know about what are the procedures? .  We are planning to renovate our house. Hence we need your guidance.

My reply

Remodeling and renovation of existing house require careful inspection of existing structure by a qualified experienced expert in building design and construction.

Most of the houses in Kerala are built by nonprofessional contractors without proper Architecture or Engineering. Naturally structural stability of the building will not be safe enough for remodeling and renovation. Unless a building professional recommends it do not venture in to it

Cost of remodeling cannot be estimated using any methods properly as you go on cutting down old building portions new problems will crop up

Unless you have unavoidable reasons to work on the old building and if you are not bothered about the cost, then only you should attempt it

I have remodeled and renovated several buildings in different parts of Kerala and I can visit your existing structure, study present status of building and give appropriate suggestions


We have a slightly old house - constructed in 1966 - in Trivandrum. It is ground + 1 floor in 33 cents of land.

It is quite OK, but wiring, plumbing etc has to be replaced. Also many of the new amenities have to be done up.

Do you take up such consultancy work? If so please let us know. Or you can suggest someone in this line of work in Trivandrum?


My reply

We can take up such remodeling work with expert workers, professional design and supervision

We do not recommend any one for any type of work as we can assure quality of our work only

I will have to visit the house to be remodeled and then only we can talk of specifics

Setting up a poultry farm close to your house


What is the nearest distance for building a poultry farm to a house/residential area?

Whom to complaint against environmental pollution?

One of my neighbours started poultry farm which is situated approx. 20 meters away from my house. The unpleasant smell coming from the farm is unbearable, so I made a complaint to the local authority officials.

They visited the place, but no action taken and I was told that they are warned to dispose the waste properly.

I am not satisfied by their action, so which is the next department to approach for a fair justice?


My reply

If you have given a written complaint to the Panchayath, they are supposed to give you reply in writing and inform you action taken by them. Just informing you that they have warned the nuisance maker is not enough

Now you can take legal action against the unit in consultation with a lawyer

Such a unit cannot function near residence as per existing rules

You can also give a complaint in writing to pollution control board

Building Materials


I'm Jacob. I'm building our home at Aluva. I'm a regular reader of your site( and I'd like to have your opinion on the flooring.

The builder is insisting on vitrified tiles all floor and ceramic tiles for bathrooms. I'm thinking of granite on the living dining and kitchen, vitrified in the rooms.

Please give your opinion on my plan with granite.

What would be the cost difference (in Kochi/Aluva) between antiskid vitrified tiles and good quality granite (how to know it is good quality?)

What in your opinion would be a good color for granite?

My reply

It is better to avoid vitrified tiles and ceramic tiles

You can use anti-skid tiles possibly of NITCO or Johnson make

Better to avoid granite also as you get good quality flooring materials much cheaper

For most part of Kerala flooring materials come from Cochin only as most of the manufacturers have their Kerala Godown at Cochin only and billing is done from Cochin

Contractor who have taken work on square feet basis will naturally insist on cheaper materials


Myself Prajeesh from Varkala, I am planning to build a home for me. Could you please suggest me the best building material whether its bricks/Solid cement blocks/ chenkallu. Also could you please help me in which area/jobs we can use M-sand? Tell merits and drawbacks of M-sand instead of normal sand.

My reply

Do not try to act as Architect for your house

Answers to your questions will have to be given by a professional handling your construction 

Get professional assistance from beginning to end of house construction


I am planning to have a home theater room in a spare room in my upstairs. I would like to know whether you will take up the construction of only that room. I am from Tirur, Malappuram, Kerala.

My reply

There has to be a hall suitable for installing Home theatre in the house. Without checking the house, I cannot comment on it


I am constructing a house in Trivandrum it is almost 1600 sft please let me know the present labor cost for laying vitrified tiles and granite.  

My reply

There can be a common rate only for those items with same quality. Each contractor do the work as it suits him and hence work of two contractors cannot be compared. Rates are fixed by each contractor to suit his business and no such rates are fixed by any professional body


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