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Nalukettu model house


My name is Rakesh am working as a professional  abroad ,while searching for some architectures in web  i found your site ,can you just tell me about the cost of a Naalukettu model house with modern infrastructure included.

My reply

Nalukettu model house has got additional features peculiar to Kerala Architecture.House construction was not so much costly in olden days.Wood was available in plenty.Labour and materials were available easily and without much cost.Naturally earlier house construction did not bother much about reducing cost by minimising use of both labour and materials

High cost of construction these days force any one who want to reduce cost to reduce unwanted or avoidable spaces in the house,by economical design while providing necessary features and facilities.Attempts to reduce use of labour and materials also form part of cost reduction

Nalukettu type house has following essential extra features which when incorporated will push up cost of construction

1.Open to sky space in the middle of house called Nadumuttom or central court yard

2.Chuttu verandah or verandah around the house:Even though verandah around entire outside walls was quite common in olden days,now this feature if adopted  restricted to front portion and /or another side of house

3.Poomukham: Connected to Chuttu verandah this portion is like a sit out in front side but bigger in dimensions to have sort of informal chat with people outside house or even family members.This place traditionally was used by head of family to relax in a reclining chair with cloth support for body portion

While Poomukham and Chuttu verandah reduced can be incorporated in houses where budget is not a constraint,providing Nadumuttom will create more problems than comfort in present day conditions as open to sky space can create security problems and nature induced problems like pests and rain water inside centre portion of house.In my opinion ,Nadumuttom can be forgotten in present day houses with Kerala architecture elements

Nalukettu or Ettu kettu type houses need be considered only for those with no budget constraints.Some one with less money  for a house should avoid such luxury features in the house

Vasthu compliance for apartments


I am interested in buying a flat which is vasthu wise good Kindly advise.


My reply

It will be practically and economically difficult for an apartment designer to design with Vasthu compliance as every apartment builder is trying to make maximum flats from available space.Positioning living spaces like Kitchen and Master bed room in a particular direction  to comply with Vasthu may not be possible.All that is possible is to get a Vasthu expert check the apartment before you buy it.If the flat meet Vasthu features,fine

Building rules


My question is .
Is it ok new plan  can submit at the time of completion?First approval is going to expire Mostly it will take another 2 more years What is the minimum requirements to get completion certificate.
Advise me .


My reply

Building permit is usually given for three years.Before date of expiry you can apply for extension.

If you have to increase plinth area from approved plan,you have to submit revised plan and get approved from local authority

You cannot wait up to completion stage

For revised plan and completion plan ,you need services of a licensed Engineer/Architect/supervisor

House Design


My name is Abhilash and my home town is in Palakkad.

I am planning to have a single storey house with 2 bedrooms Could u please send me some designs of single storey house and estimate.

My reply

I get similar mails asking me to send “few house plans” quite often.

Please understand any plan of house or Elevation taken from anywhere will not suit your needs,site,budget and Vasthu factors related to your plot

Most of the people spend  major portion of their savings in life for building a house in Kerala.I do not understand why they avoid professional Architects/Engineers who can give you better designed house which will give you more facilities at lesser cost and structural stability of building.All that non professional contractors can give you is simply a lie of some “square feet cost” which will trap you to him and will make you spend more to get  a house with lots of wastages of your money with lesser facilities

Get professional help from design stage itself.Plan of your house is the most important most critical drawing.Do not go for free plans which will drain your money.Pay for services of an experienced professional in thousands and save lakhs of your money and get a better house by design and structural stability

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