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Kerala House Construction-Free Consultation:03,October,2014

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Few house Elevations

1.Four bed room house for client at Ettumanoor,Kottayam


2.Three bed house for client at Kottayam

benny thomas-22-07-11 copy

3.Four bed house for client at Thoppumpady ,Cochin

frazer antony-30-07-11 copy

4.4000 sft house for client at Adoor

jacob thomas-22-04-10

5.Three bed 2000 sft house for client at Palghat


6.Four bed house for client at Haripad

roy john-18-06-12

7.1400 sft 4 bed house in 3.5 cents land at Edappally,Cochin


8.3500 sft house for client at Cherthala

Tomi thomas-12-04-10

Cost of construction


My name is Mahesh, from Kannur.

I would like to construct a house of 2500 sft

Can you please advice how much budget should I consider for the subject house

with granite flooring including a semi luxurious interiors.

My reply

Most of the mails I get and telephone enquiries I get ask me the same question;”What will be the cost of house which I am planning to construct?”

Is house construction that simple for any one to answer this question? If I ask you what will be cost of 1 Kg of rice after one year will any one can answer me?

Any house construction normally will take not less than one year.Hundreds of materials are used in house construction.All of us know cost of these materials will only go up in Kerala conditions during this period.

Labour is difficult to get for any type of work in Kerala even though govt statistics still talk of unemployment and govt funds are wasted as unemployment wages to be used by those who get it for alcohol.

Again technology and trends change a lot in house construction with each day coming.

Then why non professional contractors always quote a square feet cost of construction? It is simply because that is the only way of getting work from you.Have you ever thought of the fact that these non professional contractors who do not know anything about Architecture or structural engineering follow strictly engineering standards and quality? Not at all.They build as they please simply to make profit.Do one contractor build exactly in same manner as the other? Not at all.Then how can there be a uniform square feet cost applicable any where irrespective of site ,soil conditions and design? This talk of square feet cost is simply a lie to cheat house owner who think of himself as smart if he find a contractor who promise to build at lowest square feet cost

Have you ever checked whether these contractors complete house construction with quoted amount? Will they give you exact square feet area? Answer for both these questions is a simple No

For cost reduction,what you need is not a contractor who quote lowest square feet rate.You need a qualified experienced professional in building construction.Tell him your budget restrictions if any.He will design the house in such a manner so that you will be able to complete construction with quality,better utility for space inside house.Just getting a drawing from him will not be enough.Let him continuously monitor your house construction with engineering drawings for each stage of construction and proper supervision to ensure that your contractor build as per Architecture and Engineering specifications

Lot of people think an Architect is required only to give a better appearance for your house.It is wrong.You need him from beginning to end of house construction to get better value for money and to save lakhs of your money in house construction


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