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Kerala House Construction:Free Consultation:8/6/2015

Queries for free consultation on Kerala House construction, Kerala Architecture may be sent to

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Building Construction


I am constructing a residential G+1 building on my own land at Kolkata. I have given the work of construction to a contractor. Due to soil having lower bearing capacity, my contractor advised me to bore well upto 10 to 12 ft. and then fill the same with white sand. He told that this process is called ‘sand piling’ and it will increase the bearing capacity of soil.

My question is- Whether this ‘sand pilling’ is sufficient for G+1 building

My reply

Your contractor seems to be ignorant about Engineering

Do not waste your money believing words of a nonprofessional contractor. What he intends to do is not sand piling. It is some crude method of him

Consult a qualified experienced structural Engineer and Architect in your area and proceed with construction only with their suggestions and designs

Even when you have a contractor to do construction for you always get professional help for design and detailed architectural and structural engineering drawings required at each stage of construction and you should get periodic inspection of work being done by the contractor. Contractor is not bothered about Engineering, Architecture or quality of work. He is only bothered about his profit


We need to construct a boundary wall for approx. 45 cent square plot. Can you suggest a most economical way?  One of our relatives advised basement with bricks and then wall with hole bricks / sticks (readymade) will costs us around Rs.6.5 lakhs. Is that the better option?

As we are living out of Kerala, don't have any idea. Your opinion will be highly appreciated.


My reply

Without visiting site assessing site conditions and taking measurements from site, I cannot give an estimate

Method suggested by your relative seems to be crude and nonprofessional. Estimate given seems to exorbitant for that kind of work

Most probably you will require rubble foundation with a damp proof concrete over it and wall of 4 inches solid block

Where is the location? I can visit the plot and give you right suggestions and approximate cost indication


Hi Thomas,

We will be building the house in Indonesia.

We are looking for someone with ferocement design experience (so we can build cost effectively).


3 bedroom 1 x ensuite with large terrace on1st floor, 1 second bedroom 1st floor and 1 ground floor.

1 car garage with room for a small work bench located on right side of the house.

Large kitchen I plan to cast in situ the counter tops and acid stain.

Large glass doors and windows at the back side of house.

We are interested in a proven ferocement design that we can tweak to suite our needs.


My reply

Ferocement method of construction is only a method of making walls and it has nothing to do with design of house. You can get your house designed and use any of the construction methods including that using ferocement

Are you interested in going ahead with design of house?


I am planning to construct a house in Kuttanadu. As you know our land is not so strong for concrete buildings. I have plan to build a house. I have consulted one civil engineer near to my house; he suggested column footing for better stability of my house. In our area most of the houses are going gradually down after 05-10 years. Can you please suggest is this idea a good one or I have to adapt some other. In case of column footing our basement will be again loose sand, so will it be successful. Near to my house people are constructing houses after putting rock powder.Tthey make a good base with concrete and make building on top that . is it a good way.?

Please help me.


My reply

Engineering is not based on opinion of someone and experimenting based on guesses

For building your house at first you need to have a plan and Elevation of the house

Foundation of building can be designed by a Structural consultant only after he has plan, elevation and soil test data conducted at proposed building site

Do not go by guesses and assumptions

If you want a professional design and professional advises on construction of house, please get back to me


Manjima has left a new comment on your post "Free Consultation,23,October,2013":
My home is under construction, it is a paddy land, there is no piling in the land.and 2.5 feet depth ., 4 pillar laid on corners, is there any problem in strength of my house, please help me, how many pillar should be strengthen the structure ?

My reply

It is not that simple as you think. House construction requires Architectural and structural design and careful monitoring of design and engineering standards by a qualified expert. You seem to have ventured in to construction without obtaining professional design, guidance or periodic inspection during progress of construction. At this stage, try to get the construction checked by an experienced building professional and take his advice


Ajmal has left a new comment on your post "Cost expected for house construction-Analysis give...":
I have 3.5 cents land.Is it possible to construct low cost two storied building in that plot?

My reply

Yes. Write to me for more details on how to proceed

Checking and correcting plan prepared by any one


Please find attached herewith the layout & building plan of my colleague for your reference. Kindly advice these attached plan is suite as considering the environmental & Vasthu aspects.


My reply

With over 200 houses directly built by us in different parts of Kerala and designs much more than that we have a treasure of experience in designing and building houses. This expertise can be used by you for design of your house which will get you a better house at lesser cost as design is the most important factor reducing cost and getting better use for every bit of built up space. In case you have a design done by somebody else we can check it on following aspects:

1. Information provided by you on your needs, desires and hopes for the house.

2. Vasthu aspects

3. Traditional Kerala Architecture features

4. Modern architecture features

5. Structural engineering aspects to reduce cost of construction

6. Kerala Building Rules

7. Features of site and surroundings

We give a report on merits and defects of your plan for a nominal fee of Rs.1000/- only

Building rules


EM has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
Thank you very much for this update on building rules.. I have some doubts to clear up.
1. All these distances are measured from the outer side of boundary wall?
3. Is it allowed for the edge of the roofing slab to exceed or go further beyond like 50 or 75 cm further towards the boundary wall.
4. How the rule affects the walls of first floor wall?
My queries are related to a residential building in a 5 cent plot in a corporation area

My reply

Clearances required are from outside of boundary wall (if that wall is in your property) to your building wall outside. First floor wall should come above ground floor wall only

Projections of any nature are allowed only for 60 cms


This is for information regarding the concession in construction of building.

If a person has three adjacent plots, 2 cents,3 cents and 4 cents

May he get the concession in each plot?


My reply

Building rules are applicable and concessions are not given based on ownership.

For less than 3 cents concessions on clearance available

Please contact concerned local authority with your land survey nos and location sketch issued by concerned village office


Kiran Kumar has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit": 

Can I check some basic rule with u. I have my ancestral property in Trivandrum. My neighbour also my relative has extended their property but has demolished the separation wall between our property without our consent. He told he will be building their extended property wall in place of the one instead. This would mean that the the space between their property n ours will be now reduced. Can I check how much space is legally allowed between 2 properties in cities  This property is within 3 cents and is in a street not facing public road.

My reply

Minimum of 1M clearance required as per Building rules between two properties. Your neighbor has no right to demolish your compound wall. You can make complaints to local authority as well as Police


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
I have 18 cents of land .as per aadharam it is nilam. this land was converted to garden land in 1975 and has coconut and arecanut trees of aged39 years. Can I fill the this land with earth to improve the coconut and arecanet plants for more crops? 

My reply

Check with local authority concerned


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
Do I need to get the permission or permit from municipality, for constructing a temporary shed for parking vehicles inside my plot adjacent to my house?

My reply

For any type of construction in your property, you are supposed to comply as per Building permit


Binuraj has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
A two floor building is owned by a Father. He give the first floor to his son for residing and register a document give him full authority to use it and get a separate number and building tax from Panchayat. The son applied for separate number and Panchayat authorities denied to give the number by saying that he has no possession in land in the document. Whether he gets a number? 

My reply

Consult a lawyer and get ownership documents legally correct

Remodeling or altering existing structure


Aswathi has left a new comment on your post "Kerala House Construction :Free Consultation,28/4/...":
Hi, I have villas in east Kerala. Roof of villa is sealed with plastered brick. Now I want to take 2 rooms in upstairs there is any problem in cutting the concrete plastered brick while taking staircase from inside whether it cause any problem to rest of villa. 

My reply

I cannot comment on it without visiting villa concerned and checking the matter. In any case you should not attempt to break or make alterations in existing structure without supervision and advice of a qualified experienced building professional



I am Bineesh from Perumbavoor.Now my new house work is going on, next step is flooring. I want to do flooring at high quality, something variety, moderate rate. I heard about clay tiles from your blog, I want to know more Why it is not popular? What are the disadvantages of clay tiles?

My reply

Clay tiles are healthier as most of the artificial flooring materials may adversely affect our health in the long run. But due to non-availability of clay, clay tiles for flooring are now difficult to get. But if you make enquiries you may be able to locate a manufacturer of clay tiles for flooring. Even imported clay tiles with strength of vitrified tiles are also available giving strength and environment friendly nature of clay tiles

After completing structure and plastering work, you require continuous guidance from a qualified and well-experienced Architect on each of the following works that come up

You need advice and guidance of a qualified and experienced person to know various options available to you, latest trends and ways and means to decrease cost while improving utility and appearance of the building.

Look at some of the pending works

1. Putty finish for walls and painting

2. Flooring and toilet wall/floor tile laying with latest trend designs/patterns

3. Plumbing and sanitary works

4. Electrical wiring and fittings

5. Interior woodwork like modular Kitchen, cupboards and Interior lay out design

6. Furniture work with woodcarving

8. Land scape design, arrangements and much more

We can undertake these after structure work by providing professional guidance and expert workers


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