Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Building Permit

When you want to construct a building anywhere in Kerala,you will have to obtain Building Permit and Approved Plan and other drawings related to that building from concerned Local authority like Corporation/Municipality/Panchayath as the case may be as per provisions of Kerala building Rules ,1998 ,subsequent amendments and related decisions/restrictions imposed  by the local authority concerned.Drawings prepared and Building Permit application will have to be signed and sealed by an Architect/licensed Engineer/Supervisor.

I will give here a few important provisions of Kerala Building Rules

1.You will have to leave minimum 3M on road facing sides of plot.

2.You will have to leave 1M and 1.2M on either sides of plot.

3.You will have to leave 1.5 M on rear side.

Building Permit is issued for three years and can be renewed after that period against specific request to that effect.

There are restrictions imposed by Coastal Restricted Zones Act of Central government on building near rivers and lakes.There are restrictions for construction near main roads and National Highways.There are specific Zones assigned by concerned local authority restricting certain type of construction in that zone.

There will also be frozen areas where construction is prevented by local authority.Due to these reasons,it is always better to get the plot checked by a professional familiar with these restrictions in the area concerned before you purchase land for construction.You can also directly cross check with concerned local authority on restrictions if any before purchase of land.


  1. Hi Thomas,

    I recently booked a plot in Koratty,Angamally. I came to know that this plot was filled 30 yrs ago and in the 'Mun-Adaram' its mentioned as a 'Nilam'. So here a gated community has come up on the above said land and its been given as plots. So in this situation will bulding permit be given and if not is there any re-survey that will happen in near future where this land might be converted to 'Purayidam'.

  2. This is basically a legal issue and I am not competant to comment on it.But my feeling is that a plot indicated as Nilam 30 years ago need not be treated so now.If a villa project has already come up there,they might have obtained building permits for those villas.So naturally you might also get Building permit if you meet all statutory requitrements.For any further clarification or information/assistance write directly to my email id instead of writing here

  3. i had three cents of land in pachayat area,two side of the property is frontage to road ,any special sanction available for constructing a house building in that property

  4. For three cents and less there is relaxed clearances in Building rules.If the road at side is ending within 75M,you will have to leave 2M clearance.Otherwise,3M clearance required

  5. Dear Mr. Thomas,
    Once a building permit is obtained from the local authority, is it possible to change the plan and obtain a renewal to the permit before expiry of the initial permit?

  6. You can change the plan by submitting a revised plan before expiry of original permit

  7. dear sir

    I have a plot just close to Periyar at Vallam Katavu ( other side of Perumpavoor Rayons), Parappuram Panchayath, Sreemoolanagaram.

    Can I consrtuct a house in that plot?

    What is the 2011 Coastal Zone regulation Zone Management plan says about Periyar?



  8. As per latest amendment of CRZ act,you can construct house 50 M away from river or lake and 100M away from sea.
    But CRZ act allows building line construction of house.If there exists a building constructed before 1991 ,you can construct house in same building line
    Mostly it all depends upon interpretation given by local authority concerned in Kerala Situation.So you better ask concerned local authority officials giving your survey no of the land,whether they will issue building permit for you

  9. distance to be kept from Karamana river for residential building construction & other rules in association with this subject.

  10. sir,
    i have 2 cent plot,im residing in a village @ vizhinjam, but the last village area was converted into corparation, we built a basement on that plot.I have no idea about corparation building rules can u help me,
    pls give me the set back details,we have no clearence.

  11. At present corporation/municipality and Panchaytah area has similar building rules.Clearances to be kept while building a house are indicated in above blog entry
    For further details write to

  12. I am not aware whether Karamana river in Trivandrum will come under CRZ restrictions.You better check up with concerned local authority with your land survey No.

  13. Hi Thomas,
    I want to construct a building in 10 cents plot which has a street on one side. The building is not facing the the street it is facing road which is perpendicular to the street . Is it ok to leave 2m on the side where the street is present.

  14. If that side street goes up to or less than 75 meters till it reaches dead end,you have to leave 2M clearance on that side.If that side street goes longer you will have to leave 3M on that side also.

  15. My neibhour extended the frontage of his home to concrete structure, and now the rainwater falls down just within half meter distance from their left side roof to the right side wall of my house, and making damage due to this. What I can do for this ?????

  16. At sides you neighbour should leave 1M on one side and 1.2 M on another side.60cm wide extension by way of sunshade allowed.If your neighbour has extended his structure violating this rule you will have to complain in writing to town planning dept of the concerned local authority giving all details and references.They will take apprpriate action.

  17. Panchayat Permit not needed for residential house construction

    10. Permit not necessary for certain works.- Notwithstanding anything contained in
    these rules no building permit shall be necessary for executing the following works which do
    not otherwise violate any provisions regarding applicable general building requirements,
    structural stability and fire safety requirements of the rules, namely:-

    Buildings in Category –II Village Panchayats under Group A1-Residential
    occupancy with total built-up area on all floors upto 300 sq.metres (including existing and
    proposed within the plot) and number of storeys limited to two and all single family
    residential buildings.

    Buildings in Category –II Village Panchayats under Group A2 and F
    occupancies, poultry farms, livestock farms, traditional coir works, handloom units, cashew
    processing units, lime kilns, carpentry and smithy units; all of which with total built-up area
    on all floors upto 150 sq.metres (including existing and proposed within the plot) and
    number of storeys limited to two, except those for religious purpose and /or worship.

  18. I have 9 cent plot 65 metres away from sea in Payyambalam , pallikunnu panchayath at Kannur district. So many buildings are there in same line.

    Can I get a permission to construct a new house in that plot .

    What is the 2011 CRZ rule says about these area.

  19. You better check up with concerned Panchayath officials.As per rules,it should be possible for you to build there using building line clause.But Panchayath officials will know better considering the fact that local body can impose restrictions in addition to KBR provisions

  20. Mr. Thomas,
    Could you please tell me the minimum size of plot for getting sanction to construct a new house (in cents)?
    Thanks in advance!

  21. There is no such minimum cents.Less than 3 cents you got lot of concessions on building rules

  22. There is a central govt rule called Coastal Regulation Zone Act(CRZ) controlling construction near rivers and lakes.
    For applicable restrictions in your area,contact Town planning dept of your local authority office

  23. Except in special panchayath where building rules are applicable,no prior approval or building permit is required for Panchayath areas as of now.However building rules clearances and other requirements will have to be kept while constructing building.No exemption upto cetain plinth area.Relaxation in rules if the plot is up to 3 cents land
    For details and further communication write to

  24. 1.You can get a seperate building no for first floor if you show upper floor as seperate living unit in completion plan
    2.You can build external stair case in outside clearance space as per building rules.In panchayath area prior permission of building permit not required now.But building rules are applicable as per KBR
    Clearance on sides are 1.2M and 1M
    3.You have to get seperate building no for upper floor if you have to get seperate Electricity connection
    4.I have never come across any one paying continuous luxury tax for house.For two houses you have to pay building tax as may be fixed by concerned local authority officials
    For obtaining my views or clarifications write to me to
    Please avoid writing here as it will cause delay in responding

  25. A qualified person who is registered with Dept of Urban affairs Kerala state can sign submiision drawings and application form to get Building permit.Depending upon qualifications and experience,Dept of urban affairs will classify those eligible in different classes