Saturday, June 19, 2010

Designing a house-Different types of houses

There are basically four type of houses in Kerala scenario.

1.Functional House

2.Status symbol house

3.Farm house

4.Luxury house

If you are having few cents of land just sufficient to build your house to meet your basic needs for a house,you will have to think in terms of a functional house.

If you want to construct your house in your native village with sufficient and more land for house construction and if you want the house to be built to establish a new identity of affluence to all those neighbors and local people who till today considered you as a small fly,you have to get a house which will speak loudly for you about your newly acquired financial status.This house can be called as a status symbol house

If you have cultivable large piece of land which can be used for agricultural use and if you simply want to have a farm house to spend your holidays and vacation once in a while ,when you come for a holiday from your job abroad,it can be called as a Farm house where  bare minimum facilities with more emphasis on comfort and convenience rather than on show is required.

Luxury house can be built in towns/cities or even in village areas when money is not your constraint.You need facilities,comforts and splendor to show off to talk of your prime position acquired in society using your hard earned money.House should have all modern facilities to talk of your affluence and to make you feel happy and comfortable about your financial achievements in life

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