Saturday, June 19, 2010

Building your dream house in Kerala-How to start

Even though all of us see several houses on our way while moving around state of Kerala,most of us never bother to study or understand how to build a house.Even when your Father constructed house where you now stay,you might have simply not bothered to worry much on how your Father went about building your house.Of course while living in the house,you might have found out many insufficiencies in the house and might have simply dubbed it as carelessness or incapability of your Father.

Building a house is not that simple.After designing nearly thousand houses and building more than 200 houses directly in Kerala state,I am still learning about house construction with every new projects.I come across problems and issues which I never faced earlier and new developments are always thought of and considered while improving on what I did earlier.

I am going to take you through steps from beginning about how one need to go about building your house

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