Sunday, June 20, 2010

Plan for your house

Preparing plan for your house is not  that simple.Many people think that it is so simple and insist on drawing some lines on their own and telling the Architect to draw the plan as per that sketch.For most of these people Architect is some one who draws plan of the house as directed by the client.Mostly Architect for them is some one who can draw a good Elevation using line sketch prepared by client.

A day back some one from gulf contacted me and asked for my rates for designing plan of the house.After hearing my rates he said,being a Civil Engineer,he can prepare all the drawings by himself and I only have to tell my”square feet rate” for building the house.

Any person whether he is a civil engineer or not  cannot prepare the most appropriate plan for your house.It require more than just five years study in an Engineering College.

First of all the designer should have the ability to visualise the house to be built in the land chosen like a dreamer.So the Designer, first of all should be a dreamer.In Engineering Colleges they do not teach anyone to dream.What they teach is only the craft of how to draw.Creative capability is something which is and cannot be taught anywhere.

Another person (again an Engineer) once wrote me saying that he is well versed in Auto CAD drawing and then sent me a plan of the house drawn in Auto CAD.I said if you have already finalised the plan what should I do? He said-“prepare a good Elevation  for the Plan”.In spite of being  an Engineer he thinks that Elevation is not dependent upon Plan.Finally some how I made him understand that the plan prepared by him need not necessarily be the most appropriate plan for the plot and when I finally prepared the plan after visiting the site,he could understand that any Engineer or any one trained in preparing  AutoCAD drawing cannot  make that all important plan of your house.

See what all inputs I use while preparing a plan for your house.

1.Data obtained by observing your site and surroundings

2.Kerala Building Rules

3.Your requirement details

4.Traditional Kerala Architecture features

5.Modern Architecture inputs

6.Vasthu factors

7.Structural Engineering aspects.

Most important inputs are

1.My creative capability in designing most appropriate house for you

2.Treasure of my experiences in building and designing hundreds of houses in Kerala .

In my opinion even if you take second and third consultation before finalising  plan of the house,it is worth it as Plan of the house is the most important document for your house construction.

A good Architect will be able to discuss with all family members and find out from  them what they really need or dream for the house and make them understand what all among those dreams and needs can be fulfilled in the house within the budget constraints if any.

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