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Kerala House Construction:Free Consultation,11,August,2015

Queries for free consultation on Kerala House construction, Kerala Architecture may be sent to


and not by posting in blogs as your reply will be delayed quite long

Is business bad?

Few mails I get suggest that as I am giving free consultation, I should give design drawings and detailed reports also free. Is it possible for anyone to run a business free of charges? Why someone who has enough funds to build a house look for free services? Problem is not in some one asking for charges for services given. Problem is when someone collects charges from you and not giving services up to professional standards.

Even today with almost 100% literacy in Kerala most of those who build houses in Kerala look for a nonprofessional contractor to build his house. What is the advantage? He will offer lowest so called “square feet cost” even though there is no such “square feet cost” of construction applicable anywhere irrespective of location, design, different material and labour inputs. A nonprofessional contractor use this meaningless “square feet cost” to attract you and not even one such contractor has completed a house in all respects in original promised “square feet rate”

Then why you avoid professional design, professional drawings during construction? You want to avoid payment to a professional? Involvement of an experienced professional will reduce cost of construction, avoid wastage of money during construction, will get you better design at lesser cost and above all you will get a house which will have structural stability

Then for saving your money, you should not simply leave your house construction to a nonprofessional contractor however good he smiles and however good he talks nicely with you. Behind that smile, he has only one intention: to get maximum money out of you by giving the least

Building Construction


I wish to construct a home about 950 sft and heard about clay cement mixing construction of wall and roof. I wish to know whether this will be stronger if so to whom should I contact to build.


My reply

For cost reduction, most important part is to get a cost effective design of house from an experienced building professional

Simply by using a particular material for construction will not give much impact on cost

After considering every aspect, choice of materials will have to be left to your Architect for decision and do not try to be Architect of your house if you want better design and lower cost

If interested in our services, get back to me



I read your posts and If time permits kindly answer me.

I would like to go for a clay tiled truss roof over flat concrete roof for my G+1 floor house, to get the look of sloping roof for the house.

Could you please broadly advise the best way to achieve this?

John Mathew

My reply

It will be better to do slope roof concreting and then lay clay tiles over it. But slope roof concreting requires expertise by workmen involved. In some parts, you may not get good concrete workers. In such cases you can go for flat roof and fabricated slope roof above it


I would like to have some doubts cleared about ferocement septic tanks. How much is the durability and life as compared to ordinary old type tanks?
Is your firm supplying the same at the site on order?.
Kindly let me know the approximate cost of the tank

My reply

We are not manufacturers of ferocement septic tanks

Traditional brick and plaster septic tank will cost you more and it will start leaking within a few years with tree roots breaking its walls

Ferocement is a form of concrete and it will last long years if properly manufactured with quality

You can also use plastic based septic tanks manufactured in Trichur

Do not use traditional brick and plaster septic tanks


I need someone who is trustful,
loyal and helpful to handle my house construction as I am away from India
Do you have anyone in Changanacherry?

I would like inform you something about my difficulty. I do not have
someone to supervise from my side .Since we reside outside. I need some
to give   report on daily basis so that there is transparency between


My reply

We have designed and built many houses for NRIs in different parts of Kerala and even outside without any one from client side to supervise or manage the work. So it is not impossible for us to take up work for you. We have done house in different parts of Kerala and outside also

House construction is not that simple to give cost indication just by reading your mail. We need data to do any kind of estimate. Only after finalisation of plan we can even give a guess estimate

If we take up construction, you can watch progress of work by looking at pictures in a blog which will be created for your site

You can be assured of professional design, guidance and care from beginning to finish of house construction saving you money and getting better value for your money

You get a house you can be proud of forever Write to my email id


I have a piece of land measuring 23 x 71 totaling 1860 yards at Warangal in Telangana State.  Will you please take-up construction of a farm house in it?
My reply

We are based at Cochin,Kerala and hence it will not be practically possible for us to build at Telengana

What best can be done is to design the building

Are you interested?

You can write me to



I would like to build a house and I had gone through your websites. I need to build a low budget house with your assistance. Can u help me? And how can I get your service?

My reply

I can offer professional services for design and construction of house. Our professional capabilities and years of experience in designing and building hundreds of houses will give you better design, better facilities for your house at lesser cost. You will be saving much more than our professional charges in house construction cost and you will get a house you can be proud of with structural stability and professional quality of work. Write to me for more details



I need your advice on the foundation of my house. Two months back I have bought a 4 cent plot at Elamakkara, Ernakulam and planning to begin the construction. After checking the land my engineer suggested to go with a "Raft" foundation method (with just 30cm deep). And he doesn't want to take a deep excavation since as deep as we go soil get loose. I have read an article on your blog that you have constructed few houses at Elamakkara and you did piling for foundation. I know that this may vary according to the land type but still I would like to get your opinion on Raft foundation on slippery soil.

My reply

I wonder why you have not bothered to contact us for design and construction of your house

Foundation is not decided by simple guess of a so called Engineer

In Elamakkara,i have directly built three houses and acted as designer for few more houses

In most of Elamakkara area, land is completely filled with no trace of sand even if you go deep

Have you conducted a soil test?

Have you got soil test data checked by a structural consultant who is some one with post graduate qualification in structural engineering and preferably with years of experience in designing buildings in Cochin area?

If so have you got a foundation design from him?

Without checking up your house design, soil test data I cannot comment on foundation design

Building Rules


Please note that I am having  2 nos. of commercial plots, one in Cherthala Municipality, 6 cents of area & facing NH47 and the  other one  5 cents of land in the  Pattanakkad village facing NH 47, and these plots  I have purchased while I am working in the gulf. Sir, please note that the Government if planning for widening NH 47 so they will acquire 7.5 meters of land from the nearby plots. Sir, please note that presently my financial position is not good, but nobody is interested to buy these plots. Sir, can I get temporary building permission from the local bodies to construct temporary shops in these plot? What is the way to proceed in this matter?

Your advice will be greatly useful for me.


My reply

Kerala Building rules do not consider "temporary Building permit" as you have indicated

Government in future may find funds and road widening and infrastructure development will be first priority of any govt. which is keen on governing the country. So you will have to wait till govt. acquire portion of your land for road widening


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
Is it required to submit completion report after attaining permit for construction, and construction has completed? What are the documents required for this? Is there any charge for this? 

My reply

After completion of construction both house owner and Architect/Licensee will have to issue completion certificate duly signed in prescribed for mat along with completed building drawings as per rules

Local authority will check completion documents for compliance with building rules and will assess building tax for the building. If the fees paid to local authority during application for building permit are not sufficient as per building area constructed, you will have to pay additional fees

Remodeling/Renovation/Extension of existing building


I have one building 1300 sq feet old building (single floor) I want to add 2 bedroom on first floor .I have existing plan .can u help for this   staircase is on outside I want to  make inside can I send plan sir

My reply

Without visiting site and studying present condition of the building, I cannot comment on it


We are planning to renovate our house, which we bought around 9 years ago.  It is almost 100 years old house, 2 to 3 portions added to the main building at different time periods.

Where is your office located? If I send the photographs and measurements by mail, can you provide suggestions/ advice?

My reply

Unless you have sentimental values attached to the 100 year old house, do not try to remodel, extend to the house. Generally people think remodeling/extension of existing house is cheaper. Reality is quite opposite. Trouble with renovation/extinction work is that it is practically difficult to estimate cost involved as new problems will come out as you start breaking old building which has passed its reasonable life

Another important factor is that technology in building construction changes too fast to merge old building with old technology with present technology. Hence in my opinion unless a qualified experienced expert recommends remodeling/extension do not attempt to do it.

In this case, I can comment on feasibly of renovation only after a site visit. Looking at photographs nothing can be even guessed

House Design


I have a doubt regarding the room size of living and dinning

Please check is that ok below mentioned sizes

1. Living


One side entrance door and 2 window

Other side courtyard with passage to dining

2. Dining


One side courtyard with passage to living

Other side 2 windows to back side

3. Between living and dining have a courtyard


Please advice

Is it ok or not

Also consider have space limitations that's why I choose like this

Waiting for your valuable response

My reply

House design is not that simple for you to do it alone

You need involvement of a professional building designer if you do not want to waste your money and look for a better house at lower cost

While designing house, space is not divided from one end to another. Normally Auto CAD software is used to draw the plan. Even when you do it manually scaling of space required. Arrangement of living spaces is done considering many aspects which only an experienced professional can do. Just because your money is spent do not mean you should waste it to satisfy your ego


I have a plot in heart of Coimbatore city and in search of an Architect and builder to build a house for my parents. I have gone through your website and article published in leading dailies, got impressed with your work.

Now would like to know about the assignment outside Kerala... if you are interested then i will be We can have a chat and see how it can be taken forward.


My reply

We have designed and built a house at Kotagiri close to Ootty some time back

So it is not impossible to do a house for you at Coimbatore

Even in cases where it is not possible for us to take up construction directly we can act as designers and consultants with occasional site visits during progress of work thereby ensuring quality construction with best possible design


I am writing this letter in favor of my friend who would like to construct a shopping mall in Palakkad.
He has got 1 acre of land near highway and would like to start construction since he is not in the country he need to know the formalities for the construction and permits.

He also would like to you to suggest ideas for the construction and also getting potential investors.


My reply

I can guide you on design of mall

I cannot market your product. But can guide you on that also


Myself Bosco I have been reader of your blog for quite some time now since I just started planning to build my house. I have taken many of the inputs and suggestions from your blog. Many thanks to you.

I have roughly worked on a plan which has gone through the requirements from me and wife. The plan suits our requirements almost. But as we don't have any prior experience in planning not sure whether the plan would be right as its for Vasthu and all other recommended aspects on house plan drawing. So could you please have a look at my planning design and suggest your comments.

My reply

Basic Plan is the most important part of design and construction of house

If you have technical skills to draw a plan do not mean that plan of house is the best possible

Experience and expertise matters a lot and it is better not to waste your money with such a plan

If you just need my comments on plan you can get it by paying a nominal fee .But it will be better to get it designed using your plan features as inputs indicating your needs for house.

Design of house by an expert can save you lakhs of money and get you better house by design


I am a regular follower of your blogs and really helpful also. As per your view I thought of approaching an architect for my house construction.  His expense he demanded is 5% of total cost. I am planning a 2000sft house which will make his fees 2lakhs. That much expense is reasonable? I am confused to make a decision. Since I am new into this field please advise me


My reply

Charges for professional services in any field are fixed by the professional concerned depending upon his qualifications, capabilities and reputation. There are no standard rates or charges

I do not understand why you avoided contacting us for the job. We do not charge that much and our rates are only to the extent of work assigned to us and not a lump sum amount


I have been following your website for some time and reading you advice's.

I have some land in Trivandrum in which i am planning to build a house of little less than 3000 sq-ft. 

Do you have an office in Trivandrum or can you suggest some one reliable to design and construct it in Trivandrum. I only have few ideas and no plans drawn as of now.


My reply

Why do you need someone from Trivandrum only for design of your house? A house is going to be your major investment in life Why not it be designed and built by the best professionals you can get? Unlike general belief, involvement of an experienced professional will reduce your construction cost and will get you better house with better facilities. In Kerala, you get the best professionals in any field at Cochin. None of these reputed professionals keep offices in different locations. They operate from a single office and cater to clients anywhere

Checking your plan


Please share your opinion on the attached floor plan (east facing)


My reply

I can check on your plan prepared by any one on following aspects

1. Vasthu compliance

2. Architectural aspects

3. Structural Engineering aspects

4. Avoiding wastage of space and better light and ventilation for living spaces

5. Cost reduction

Detailed report on your plan with these details can be mailed to you for a nominal fee

Vasthu compliance


I am planning to construct a house in Kochi. Do I have to get the room size and overall house dimensions corrected as per Vasthu or isit ok as per the dimensions provided by Architect?


My reply

Vasthu do not mean restricting room dimensions to a particular perimeter which was essential in olden Kerala buildings due to wooden rafters (manufactured earlier )used for roof for laying of clay tiles

Vasthu more importantly deal with positions of each type of living space to specific positions depending upon use of that living space in the house



My home is an old Kerala style Nair tharavadu with Kaavi flooring. I have a plan to renovate my Kaavi flooring. Could you please suggest me on a good and cheap tile option? I am from a typical middle class family and can't afford too much on flooring.I prefer not to abandon old Kaavi flooring, will be great if I could get a product which can be used over this. Awaiting for your valuable advice


My reply

Using tile adhesives you can fix any tile of not more than 7mm thickness (usual tile thickness) over your existing floor

Imported vitrified like clay tiles are available which may cost about Rs.70 per sft

Construction cost


I am planning to build one 2 bhk single floor house in Kottayam district my budget is 25 lakh. Could you please advice is this is sufficient for a normal house. Or if needed how much extra I have to arrange?



Prince has left a new comment on your post "Kerala House construction:Free consultation,1,July...":
Hello sir, my name is Dominic. I am planning to build a new house in Cochin around 1500 square feet a contemporary house. Please advise me that how much will come for square feet and total cost 


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Kerala House Construction :Free Consultation,28/4/...":
I am planning to construct a house with 1200 sft. Please advise me a suitable economic plan

My reply

House construction is not something which you will have to start venturing in to only after collecting money as told by any one you meet. There is no thumb rule to predict construction cost just by using information that you want to construct so many bed room house

Cost of construction goes up every day as hundreds of inputs which go in to construction as material and labour keep going up in cost and some materials and type of labour turn out to be not even available

Once you decide to construct your house, do not waste time on thinking about it. Get an experienced building professional to guide you from beginning to end as lots of wastage of money happens during construction due to ignorance on Architecture and Engineering. An expert can get you better facilities at lesser cost; avoid lots of unwanted space and money wastage

Even if you can build only foundation of house with funds available with you, do it now as tomorrow it may cost double or more

One query above has even plinth area of house pre-determined. It seems people think of constructing house like buying few Kg of material from market. You fix expected sft area and buy that much housed from market. House construction is not something to be treated so simple. At least think about how costly to you is those lakhs of money. To save your money, take professional guidance


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